I did it again


Almost 40 years old, a part time stay-at-home-Dad and starting another startup - why? Do I really need to go through this stress again?


I’m starting to see a rhythm in my professional life. Every three years I take on a new business challenge and start a business from scratch. But why, why again and why don’t I just enjoy my cruisy and stress free family life?

For my last startup the aim was to find freedom in what I do. The Idea was to start a company to have freedom in what I am doing every day. Only to be accountable for myself. No boss, no employees, no career plan, no salary negotiations, no company values that don’t match my own values, no projects that make no sense, the list goes on and on. I think you get what I’m getting at.

Most of it worked out very well. So why change it again? It seems that somewhere deep down I have this desire to do new things as i’m never completely happy with what has been achieved so far. Don’t get me wrong, so far all my startups have been a success, guess I just like the thrill of starting new businesses and funny enough this urge arises every three years =)

This time I chose to switch up the type of business and go for a new style of project.
In Switzerland, there are a lot of very big companies with huge software projects. And they consume most of the development capacities available on the market. For small and medium size companies it is very hard to find good quality services. For startups it is next to impossible. Further the providers often bring a huge overhead of processes, roles and management, because they are used to work with big companies, where structures and processes have become very complex over the years.

Riwers is not about my personal freedom anymore. It is about cool and efficient projects, it’s being able to work with experts and make a difference and to focus on the success of a project. For small or medium size companies, startups or even big companies that want to get rid of the problems they face in their projects. This is what riwers.io is about and I am sure it will be a lot of fun - bring on 2019!