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Our core competence: individual software development in distributed teams.
Whatever programs you need for your business, we provide you with the appropriate services. For companies of any industry and color. Simple, fast, transparent and cost-effective.


Riwers developers continuously deliver software in a development partnership


The Riwers team delivers defined work results as a turnkey project (prototype, MVP, product and applications)


The Riwers nearshoring experts define and deliver the right tailor-made sourcing setup.

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Riwers offers first-class software development services based on recognized and reliable models of cooperation.

/ Tailor made - Whether for a one-time gig or a long-term partnership, we tailor the collaboration to your needs.

/ Valuable - We serve our customers with distributed software development so that we can quickly and easily deliver the best solution with high quality for our clients.

/ Tangible - We manage our commitment with our experts locally at our clients and guarantee a high level of quality for successful deliveries.

/ Sound - Sustainable quality means preparation: We ensure a fast and focused project start according to proven procedures in order to quickly benefit the business of our clients.

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riwers is a technology driven company, with the best engineers available for customer projects.

Our tech stack ranges from modern JavaScript/HTML5 web applications or powerful backends in Java, Python or .Net to all types of mobile applications or embedded systems.

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/// Career

We are a brand new and fresh company for customized software in distributed development environments.

riwers is a modern, forward-thinking and independent employer. Quality and results count for us, we work when and where it suits you, you determine the tools you need for success. riwers builds on extremely attractive conditions that you will not find anywhere else. Here you will find appreciation at all levels, with count on teamwork not hierarchy.

Working for riwers means implementing attractive projects for exceptional clients using the latest technologies.

Contact us if you want to be part of an extraordinary story right from the start!

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/// about

We differentiate ourselves from the usual suspects on the market in software development by being simple, transparent and authentic.

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Tom Huber
Co-Founder and Owner

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Marco Dietrich
Co-Founder and Owner

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Markus Guggisberg
Co-Founder and Owner


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